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Every day, hundreds of millions of people around the world turn to Yahoo for news headlines, stock market insights, sports updates and more. It’s important that the stories we report are inclusive and unbiased.

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Connecting with diverse audiences

The words we write. The images we show. They matter in creating content for a diverse world. We want to make sure everyone knows we are there.

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financial site for women users. #1 for Hispanic and Asian unique views.

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news site for Black and Hispanic unique views.

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in its category with Hispanic and Asian unique views.

Source: Comscore, Sept. 2022

Hands-on Training

In 2022, we partnered with the Poynter Institute for the “How to Shape More Inclusive Content” workshop. Rolled out across our offices globally, the training focused on best practices for unbiased reporting across Yahoo editorial, social and programming.

Community, culture, Heritage Months

Heritage Months are an opportunity for Yahoo to celebrate cultures and share them with our audience. In 2022, our Heritage Month live streams featured guests such as Laila Ali, JoJo Siwa & George Lopez, and totaled 3.1M streams.

Amplifying Voices

In 2022, our editorial teams handed the mic over to a wide array of influencers and experts to start conversations around identity and related issues.


MAKERS is a Yahoo brand dedicated to accelerating equity for women. Its 2022 annual conference brought more than 300 women leaders and allies—Jessica Alba, Constance Wu, Cynt Marshall and Katie Stanton to name a few—together to push forward on representation, racial justice, reproductive rights and more. This three-day event sets the agenda for women in the workplace and in the world.

Grace Hopper Conference

Yahoo showed up big at the 2022 GHC, the world’s largest gathering of women technologists. We hosted a booth, led a fireside chat and sent some of our team to attend.

“I loved interacting with hundreds of minds discussing work culture, ethics, and inclusivity, and brainstorming over challenges faced and how to overcome them.”

—Priyanka Alve, Manager, Optimization Services Specialist

In the Know: Changemakers

In sync with the Heritage Months, In The Know by Yahoo brings the voices of Gen Z together for a night of celebration. Each event featured creators and entrepreneurs discussing how to build brands with ties back to heritage and culture, and supported community-owned businesses and venues.

Technology for all

For 20 years, Yahoo has led the way in advancing accessible technologies—and we plan on doing the same for the next 20. We’re deeply committed to making sure that all of our products are “born accessible,” and that our workplace accommodates people with visible and non-visible disabilities.

Among our recent highlights: Our Yahoo Fantasy Sports app is the platform of choice for the All-Blind Fantasy Football League and we strive for closed captioning on 100% of our videos.

We offer our employees training in designing accessible technology and hosting accessible meetings, and our Dublin office has recently piloted a sensory audit to create a more inclusive environment for employees with autism.

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Power Partnerships

DEI takes a village. We’re better able to make progress on our goals when we partner with organizations supporting underrepresented audiences and professionals. In 2022, we joined forces with a wide array of editorial, tech and social impact partners for initiatives that we’re looking to continue in years ahead.

Diverse stories and tellers

In 2022, Yahoo partnered with The National Black Journalists Association (NABJ), The National Hispanic Journalists Association (NAHJ) and the Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA) to create fellowships that bring diverse journalists to Yahoo.

Key medical devices are failing to diagnose Black patients accurately

Jayla Whitfield-Anderson

J Balvin enters digital wellness spas with the launch of a bilingual mental health app

Andrew Mendez

Teacher shortage is currently ‘the worst I’ve ever seen,’ unions president says

Rebecca Chen

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Congressional Black Caucus Foundation

We proudly sponsored the CBCF’s 51st Annual Legislative Conference, an event that advances the global Black community by informing policy, educating the public and developing unstoppable leaders.


“Yahoo partners with organizations to curate impactful conversations advancing a culture of belonging, to celebrate big cultural moments and to activate in spaces that center multicultural audiences.”

—Nikki Thompson, Director, Multicultural Partnerships

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Yahoo crafted a panel discussing the importance of communication, emotional intelligence and addressing social issues in shaping corporate culture.

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Yahoo recruited underrepresented talent at AFROTECH, the largest Black tech conference focused on emerging trends, networking opportunities with industry leaders, conversations with recruiters and career development.

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Yahoo supported HMI's Emery Awards Gala by co-producing their annual fundraising video highlighting all the ways HMI staff and alumni impact and empower LGBTQIA+ young people.

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Yahoo partnered with Out in Tech, the world’s largest non-profit community of LGBTQ+ tech leaders, to host a Digital Corps Build Day that provides web services to LGBTQ+ activists and social entrepreneurs.