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Protecting yahoo

We're the information security team — widely known as The Paranoids — that defends the things you love the most about Yahoo from cybersecurity threats.

Building Safe Connections and Communities By:

  • Securing Infrastructure:  The Paranoids maintain security controls and provide expertise that helps protect customer, as well as company, data.
  • Industry Collaboration: The Paranoids are hyper-focused on sharing our hardest fought lessons through open-source projects and vulnerability research.  
  • Shepherding Culture: Inside Yahoo, the Paranoids combine continuous red teaming with behavioral approaches that measurably nurture the culture of cybersecurity inside the company.
  • Fostering a Defensive Marketplace: The Paranoids recognize that keeping Yahoo’s systems and services secure requires the reflexivity that only many eyes can provide. Yahoo’s vulnerability rewards program creates incentives for those that seek to disclose the weaknesses they find.

Securing Infrastructure

Maintaining security controls and providing expertise that protects our most valuable assets, the data that powers your business.

Controls and Policies


Improving the overall state of security through vulnerability research and open-source projects.

Open Source: Arkime

Shepherding Culture

Combining offensive security and social science to enable a company culture that respects your information.

Case Study (HBR)

Building Community

Using bug bounty as a tool to incentivize independent security researchers to improve the security of services you rely on.

Vulnerability Disclosure

Are you here looking to disclose a vulnerability to the Paranoids' Bug Bounty Program?!

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