Salient Object-Aware Background Generation Using Text-Guided Diffusion Models

April 8, 2024

Generating background scenes for salient objects plays a crucial role across various domains including creative design and e-commerce, as it enhances the presentation and context of subjects by integrating them into tailored environments. Background generation can be framed as a task of text-conditioned outpainting, where the goal is to extend image content beyond a salient object's boundaries on a blank background. Although popular diffusion models for text-guided inpainting can also be used for outpainting by mask inversion, they are trained to fill in missing parts of an image rather than to place an object into a scene. Consequently, when used for background creation, inpainting models frequently extend the salient object's boundaries and thereby change the object's identity, which is a phenomenon we call "object expansion." This paper introduces a model for adapting inpainting diffusion models to the salient object outpainting task using Stable Diffusion and ControlNet architectures. We present a series of qualitative and quantitative results across models and datasets, including a newly proposed metric to measure object expansion that does not require any human labeling. Compared to Stable Diffusion 2.0 Inpainting, our proposed approach reduces object expansion by 3.6x on average with no degradation in standard visual metrics across multiple datasets.

Publication Type
Conference / Journal Name
CVPR 2024 - Generative Models for Computer Vision


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