October 12, 2023

Yahoo To Integrate Identity Solution with Twilio Segment To Drive Greater Advertiser Relevance, Reach

Note: Verizon Media is now known as Yahoo.

New York, NY (Oct 12, 2023) - Yahoo Advertising today announced a new integration with
Twilio Segment Customer Data Platform (CDP) to drive greater advertising reach and relevance
without relying on third-party cookies. Twilio Segment’s direct integration with Yahoo ConnectID
will enable advertisers to future-proof their business and activate first-party data across screens
in a cookieless world.

Over 25,000 businesses use Twilio’s Segment customer data platform (CDP) to power their
customer experiences and maximize their marketing ROI. Twilio Segment has been ranked the
#1 Customer Data Platform for market share by IDC for four consecutive years, and provides a
powerful solution for delivering precisely targeted advertising to privacy-conscious customers.
Segment’s golden profiles give marketers a unified, real-time view of their customers, which can
be used to identify behavior-based audiences, and activated across native messaging channels
and every major digital ad platform. By partnering with Yahoo Advertising and integrating with
Yahoo ConnectID, Segment users will be able to sync hashed, cookie-less data with their real-
time customer profiles and drive greater reach and relevance for their campaigns.

Yahoo takes an integrated approach to identity across every digital environment. Yahoo Identity
Solutions, which include Yahoo ConnectID and Next-Gen Solutions, account for both
addressable and non-addressable inventory. Yahoo ConnectID for addressable inventory is
powered by Yahoo’s consent-based, first-party and partner data, and today reaches nearly
200M authenticated users in the U.S. The solution has been adopted by over 28,000 publisher
domains and is interoperable with 30+ of the industry’s top data platforms. Next-Gen Solutions
is an AI-built privacy-preserving solution that leverages Yahoo ConnectID users as a panel
audience and drives relevance and reach within non-addressable environments. This holistic
identity suite enables advertisers to future-proof their business through the Yahoo DSP and
maintain control and ROI in an identity-constrained world. With the integration, marketers will be
able to leverage a single view of the customer to deliver on the promise of addressable
advertising and ensure personalized consumer experiences, even as support for cookies and
other traditional identity mechanisms fades.

“Data collaboration is paramount to ensuring brands are extracting value from their first-party
data investment and delivering better advertising experiences to customers,” said Giovanni
Gardelli, VP, Ads Data Products at Yahoo. “This integration will deliver what means most to
advertisers - greater relevance, reach, and measurement. Fueled by first-party data, Yahoo
ConnectID offers a differentiated and future-proofed approach to addressing a world with fewer

“First-party data continues to be one of the most powerful tools for brands looking to build
effective marketing campaigns that make their audience feel seen and understood,” said Katrina

Wong, VP of Marketing at Twilio Segment. “This integration will make it easy for marketers to
leverage a real-time view of customers – built from direct, reliable, first-party data – to deliver
the most relevant campaigns, and ultimately maximize their advertising return on investment.”

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