June 13, 2024

Yahoo News App Reimagined With Next-level Personalization From Artifact

AI-powered features supercharge news recommendations, reduce clickbait and save time through takeaways

Note: Verizon Media is now known as Yahoo.

A new era of Yahoo News has arrived. Launching today, the Yahoo News app will give people a more personalized experience to stay informed on what matters most to them. More intuitive than ever, the experience is tailored for each user to help them make sense of the daily news and cut through the clutter. New features include a customizable feed, key takeaways of articles and top stories, tools for easy sharing, as well as the ability to mark headlines as clickbait, all creating an individualized news experience that gets better over time. 

With massive shifts seen in how people view and consume news over the past few years, Yahoo News has been working to evolve the daily experience of keeping up with the latest news. Yahoo News is a trusted guide for hundreds of millions of users around the globe. As the number one news and information platform*, Yahoo News offers both original reporting and aggregated content from over a thousand premium publishers, giving readers free access to the latest news, covering everything from breaking, national and local news, to entertainment, lifestyle and more. 

In April 2024, Yahoo acquired Artifact, the AI-driven news aggregation and discovery platform. The proprietary AI-powered personalization technology and other features has been integral in the development of this differentiated mobile app that gives people opportunities to catch-up-quick or dive deeper, all while seeing more of what matters and is useful to them, all in one place.

The news landscape is crowded and often filled with competing headlines and an influx of information that can feel overwhelming. This has led to the avoidance of news all together - which is not what anyone wants. We believe Yahoo News can help people stay informed, make sense of the world around them by getting them more of the stories that matter to them, and even enjoy catching up on the news again. To this end, we are relentlessly focused on offering a news experience that is simple, relevant and useful for each user. This new app is just the beginning,

–Kat Downs Mulder
SVP & GM, Yahoo News

The new Yahoo News app features:

  • An AI-Powered Personalized Feed: Users can select topics and publishers that matter most to them, and powerful technology will tailor their feed to their unique interests. This may be done by selecting specific publications or specific categories like Entertainment, Tech, Health, Politics, Movies, Travel or Art and Design, to name a few.  
  • Top Stories and Trending Topic Summaries: The app also spotlights Top Stories, a guide to the day’s trending news topics from across the world. Rolling out in just a couple of weeks, AI-powered takeaways will be featured on each of the trending topics, giving readers the option to catch up more quickly on trending news of the moment. 
  • Key Takeaways: Users can get important elements of a story in an instant with succinct, AI generated key points which automatically populate to display at the top of nearly every individual article within the app.
  • Block Keywords and Flag Clickbait: While users can see more of what they want and better control their overall experience, the new app will also offer users the ability to block certain keywords or publishers, as well as flag headlines as clickbait, which will then be automatically rewritten.
  • Sharing Tools: Users will have the ability to seamlessly share excerpts from articles directly from the app through an easy one-touch sharing option.
  • Badges and Streaks: A fun way to stay up-to-date and improve the reading experience, readers will be able to reach different reading streaks, and unlock badges, which they can share with friends.

Starting today, Yahoo will start to roll out a new homepage experience featuring a more dynamic layout that highlights top news, personalized recommendations and real-time trending topics, offering users useful ways to see what’s being read, searched and shared across the web. Users will have the chance to opt in, as the new homepage will continue to evolve further over time.

This is an important moment in the evolution of Yahoo News, with more ways for readers to engage with the news, in a way that is additive, helpful and most relevant to the user. The Yahoo News app is now available for iOS and Android users in the US.


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*Comscore Media Metrix ® Multi-Platform, News/Information category, TDP Total Unique Visitors/Viewers inclusive of Social Incremental, March 2024, U.S. for Yahoo News Network 

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