March 30, 2022

Yahoo Finance Launches First Cultural Asset Indices

Note: Verizon Media is now known as Yahoo.

NEW YORK, NY -- March 30, 2022 -- Yahoo Finance, the top finance network in business/finance news, announced today the launch of a cultural asset index onsite, becoming the first in the industry to offer up-to-date information on this category, offering investors insight on a different way to diversify their portfolios with cultural assets through a partnership with Pricing Culture. 

The new family of indices track cultural assets available for fractional ownership. The Total Collectables Index (ticker symbol:^CLCTBLS.REGA) is the best gauge of the fractionalized collectables market of SEC-registered cultural assets. The sub-indices are market-cap weighted and consider each cultural asset category available on the leading investment exchanges for securitized collectables. With close to 1,000 assets representing just shy of $500M in total market capitalization, the market for fractionalized collectables is growing fast. Pricing Culture currently operates 11 sub-indexes tracking: Trading Cards, Sports Memorabilia, Cars, Memorabilia, Securitized NFTs, Books, Comic Books, Card Games, Video Games, Luxury Goods and Wine & Spirits.  Popular trending assets include Declaration of Independence, 1976 apple computer, VR Cryptopunk #8103 (NFT) and more. 

 “We are excited to announce the first cultural asset ticker for Yahoo investors,'' said Joanna Lambert, President and General Manager, Consumer at Yahoo. “Diversifying a portfolio with cultural assets is continuing to drive interest with investors and it's no surprise digital collectables are making headway across finance, sports and more. Yahoo is the first in the market to list a cultural asset index, furthering our mission to give investors the tools that they need to make wise decisions.”

The Total Collectables Index can be found at The collectable asset page showcases lists of component assets and where they can be bought and sold on alternative asset platforms including Otis, Rally Rd. and Collectable.

The cultural asset update continues Yahoo’s mission to educate and inform new and existing investors to help make wise investment decisions. Yahoo Finance recently expanded their coverage of cryptocurrency featuring over 9,000 crypto ticker offerings onsite so users can research and discover a wide array of different cryptocurrencies.  

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About Pricing Culture Inc.

Indices by Pricing Culture was built and managed by Pricing Culture Inc. Headquartered in Jersey City, NJ, Pricing Culture aggregates asset data from their platform partners, builds a consolidated data model and provides one single API to build user experiences and applications with alternative asset data. In addition to asset data, Pricing Culture owns and operates benchmark indices that they license. To learn more about Pricing Culture, please visit

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