November 7, 2023

Yahoo Finance Debuts New Design and Features to Empower Everyday Investors

Note: Verizon Media is now known as Yahoo.

NEW YORK, NY (November 7, 2023) – Yahoo today announced the rollout of a new design and features for Yahoo Finance, the #1 consumer finance property with an audience of over 90 million monthly US visitors.* The initial update includes a fresh desktop and mobile website experience, alongside expanded editorial content. This marks the most substantial change to the site in a decade, introducing an intuitive interface that provides streamlined data, customizable features, advanced charts, new research tools, and more.

"Yahoo Finance is the trusted guide to the world of investing and the new design creates more opportunities for investors to reach their financial goals," said Tapan Bhat, President & General Manager of Yahoo Finance. "We aim to build a holistic guide for the investors of today and tomorrow to build their personal wealth, and this design is the first step." 

With a focus on simplicity and functionality, the new design brings a wide range of upgrades, including:

New Homepage: A fresh homepage design features less ads for fewer interruptions. Throughout the site, an all-new customizable dock serves as a command center to follow real-time market data, allowing investors to track their portfolio, the markets, trending tickers, and other key information of their choice.

Upgraded Quote Pages: Rooted in streamlined design, updated quote pages offer investors enhanced charts and an improved layout, facilitating easy access to 40 years of historical data, SEC filings, analyst ratings, research reports, and more. The new advanced charts feature 25+ chart types and 100+ customizable indicators, which investors can use to create and share technical analysis. Quote pages also offer compare mode, a new feature unique to Yahoo Finance that allows investors to analyze stocks side by side to spot differences in trading statistics and performance at a glance.

Improved Sector and Industry Pages: Now offering even more market data, upgraded sector and industry pages offer a centralized place to research, invest, and keep up with companies in specific industries to make well-informed investment decisions. Investors can gain visibility into statistics on industry-specific news, the latest analyst and technical research, and ways to invest through ETF or mutual funds.

New Comprehensive Portfolio View: Investors can now leverage an improved 360-degree portfolio view of their connected 401K, IRA, savings, and trading accounts from various financial institutions to monitor diversification, risk, and performance in one place. Yahoo Finance’s comprehensive portfolio now includes transaction management to record Buy, Sell, Sell-Short, and Buy-to-Cover trades with automatic first-in-first-out (FIFO) lot management. The new interface also automatically tracks dividends as they are earned and allows investors to manage cash holdings like any other asset. 

Updated News Hub: Managed by a seasoned editorial staff and supplemented by hundreds of trusted content partners, an updated news hub offers a dedicated place to keep up with markets, earnings, the economy, and more. The news hub now provides expanded coverage across industries including banking, retail, and healthcare, and features premium partner content with fewer third-party paywalls and clickbait. New original programming from Yahoo Finance Live brings more expert interviews with industry thought leaders and live coverage of the market events most relevant to investors. 

Fewer Ads, Better Engagement: Taking a user-centric approach, the new Yahoo Finance eschews clickbait and reduces display ads by 40 percent to create a more premium experience for visitors and advertisers alike. With 80 percent better viewability above the fold, the new interface has proven favorable for advertisers as well. Early testing has yielded over 4x greater ad click-through rates as a result of the lower ad density, leading to improved eCPM rates for both desktop and mobile visitors. Advertisers have a unique opportunity to secure meaningful engagement with Yahoo Finance’s affluent community, boasting 8 million investors with portfolios valued over $1 million.** 

“While high-volume, programmatic ads continue to dominate the internet landscape, we’re betting on a quality over quantity approach,” added Bhat. “Driving meaningful engagement is the underlying goal across our entire content strategy, and our new advertising solutions reflect that mindset.”

Investors can experience the new Yahoo Finance by clicking “Try the new Yahoo Finance'' on the Yahoo Finance homepage. The new design comes after the debut of new original shows for Yahoo Finance on-demand video programming, the addition of well-known editorial anchors, new partnerships for expanded content distribution, as well as the recent acquisition of Commonstock, a broker-agnostic community for everyday investors that advances engagement on Yahoo Finance. 

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*Source: Comscore Custom Reporting, Multi-Platform, Yahoo Avg. Jul-22 to Jun-23.

**Source: Comscore, Plan Metrix, 12 mo. average ‘22-’23 

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