April 17, 2023

Paranoids Engineering: Supply Chain Security

Note: Verizon Media is now known as Yahoo.

In this episode of the Paranoids podcast, our hosts — Shawn and Steven — explore their colleagues’ work to secure the software supply chain.

Starting with the one question we know you’re all asking: What does that even mean in a world of open-source software?! 

Join us in conversation to hear discussion on: 

  • Defining Supply Chain Security (2:36) 
  • The Prolific Nature of Open Source  (4:38)
  • Improving The Developer Experience (6:36)
  • Explaining Common Supply Chain Security Attacks  (7:30)  
  • The Different Pieces of Software Supply Chain Security  (11:40)
  • Working Within the Paranoids (18:10)
  • What’s Next?! (26:28)

Hosts: Shawn Thomas (FIRE Chief) and Steven Asifo (Technical Security Sr. Manager, Governance, Risk, and Compliance)

Guests: Nate Burton (Sr. Principal Technical Security Engineer), Hemil Kadakia (Principal Software Engineer), Yonghe Zhao (Software Engineer)