March 1, 2019

Hack in the Saddle Again! New Scope Release Event Coming Soon

Note: Verizon Media is now known as Yahoo.

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Dedicated Hackers,

Verizon Media is proud to be one of the top Bug Bounty programs across all platforms, including HackerOne, who voted us the best around (blush). To celebrate and share the love, we’re moving new assets from our private program into the public program scope for the first time in almost a year. Because Bug Bounty programs have the biggest chance to succeed when more people have access to participate, amirite? 

Verizon Media’s scope is enormous. We have a lot of brands and web properties that fall under our umbrella of one single bug bounty program, so we wanted to do something rad by inviting a bunch of our brands, and a bunch of our favorite hackers (, to the same party.


Phase 1: Scope Release Announcement & Dupe Period

  • Begin your recon and testing!
  • New assets will be listed on the program page in the Scope section.
  • Start submitting reports to us and make sure to use the new assets.
  • All reports submitted during this period will be deduplicated against each other, any bounties will be evenly split among all reports for the same vulnerability.
  • All duplicated reports during this phase will receive full credit when ranked at the end of this cycle.

Phase 2: Dupe Period Closes

  • All reports are now treated as first-come-first-served, no more split bounties.
  • Keep hacking and submitting reports and claim the full bounty for your vulnerabilities.
  • Only **unique** reports during this phase will receive full credit when ranked at the end of this cycle.

Phase 3: Wrap Up and Awards

  • We announce the most valuable hackers, and select up to five who have participated in this launch event to receive invitations to our *next available* H1 live hacking event.


Stay subscribed to these notices because we will be announcing the start of each phase with a new notice. Along with each message we will announce how long the phase will last.


Happy Hacking,

The Paranoids