August 22, 2022

A ‘Master Class’ in Bug Bounty: Jason Haddix on the Paranoids’ Program

Note: Verizon Media is now known as Yahoo.

A phone showing the Paranoids Podcast and purple headphones

The podcast welcomes its first outside guest: Jason Haddix, a bug bounty veteran who has participated in hundreds of programs over his career.

He joins the Paranoids’ team — Arjun Govindaraju and Jonathon Robin — who run our program’s strategy and operations.  

Over the course of roughly 45 minutes or so, they discuss: 

  • ‘What makes the Paranoids’ program COOL?!’ (3:43)
  • The Importance of Scope (5:50)
  • Live Hacking Events (15:27)
  • The Art of Recon (24:04)
  • The Bug Bounty Lifecycle (32:20)
  • Advice for Security Researchers (39:00)

Hosts: Shawn Thomas (FIRE Chief) and Steven Asifo (Technical Security Manager, Governance, Risk, and Compliance)

Guests:  Jason Haddix, Arjun Govindaraju (Bug Bounty Program Lead), and Jonathon Robin (Bug Bounty Operations Lead)

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