Business & Human Rights

As an internet company offering content and communications properties globally, Yahoo has the potential to impact the human rights of our users through our business decisions. We are committed to respecting and promoting human rights -- not just when it’s easy, but every day. Yahoo’s commitment to internationally-recognized human rights is translated into practical steps for our employees through our Business and Human Rights Program.

Our Approach

Yahoo’s Business and Human Rights Program advises the company and our approach to responsible decision-making regarding human rights. We take a structured approach to this work, including:

Company-wide commitment

Yahoo’s efforts depend on a clear and visible commitment to human rights, which the Program cascades throughout the company.

Designated and cross-functional team

Our Business and Human Rights Program leads this work, supported by teams throughout the company.

Guiding principles and operational guidelines

Yahoo is committed to respecting internationally-recognized human rights.

Ongoing human rights due diligence

We conduct ongoing human rights due diligence to explore human rights risks and opportunities.


We engage beyond our company to stay abreast of the human rights landscape, best practices, and the impacts of our business on human rights.

Transparency and accountability

We strive to remain accountable and transparent with our users and the public.