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A new coalition of brands to address and set a new standard in supporting employees’ mental health.

Focusing on mental health at work

Huge impact

1 in 4

People suffer from a mental health condition.

Source: World Health Organization

Social stigma


Of employees take time off due to mental health issues, but cite another reason

Source: American Psychiatric Association

Productivity loss


days are lost due every year to absenteeism from mental health conditions

Source: CDC, Depression Evaluation Measures

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Committed to lead


Develop a robust internal communications toolkit in partnership with coalition members to inspire a more empathetic and understanding culture.


Implement a mental health learning program for the workforce.


Host candid and open conversations with external experts and thought leaders in the mental health and wellness space.

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We're stronger together

As leaders we have the opportunity, and more importantly the responsibility, to take action on issues that affect employees' mental well-being, eliminating stigmas and creating a psychologically safe and inclusive workplace. To learn more send us an email.

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